Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Message From Mother

I sit and weep
I had no sleep
I cry for you my mother
You left when I was just a little girl
I tried and tried to bring you back
Not knowing you were always there

You say you came just for this time
For she was here, the other
She was your mother, your sister, your friend
Be happy for I was just your mother

I sometimes wonder what would have been
They say I am here to love and guide you
This is were I've always been
I am the spirit within

The gold, the silver, the soil are one

I know a time
This time was thyine
Take note my child
I live in You in this land
This gold, this silver, you trouble and toil
It is just the soil

Tomorrow this gold, this silver will foil
You and I we'll laugh and say
Oh what a fool I tried to sell
This gold this silver to me, to me, to me

Its gold and silver
It's just the soil
My heart she cries if only I knew then
This gold this silver the soil are one
But that is the way it is always done

Free Yourself

Free Yourself from all the burdens in your mind
Free yourself from all troubles in your head
Take the road that leads you to the grateful way
Take your mind and lead it to this wonderland
Open your eyes you'll see me holding your hand

There is so much to be had
If only you could just be glad
You make so many decisions
Open up the mind everything is possible

I am the life within your soul, within your heart
I want to go where you go and be a part
This gratefulness you feel is how we will start
Then will come abundance, kindness and joy
Followed by all that you choose to be grateful for

My Prayer

As the Universe of Light speaks to me
I will lead and be led by You my Creator
It is a wondrous journey that I walk
For the messages I bring is your talk
I am in awe when you speak
For all you say is what I seek

My mind is blank when you enter
Into this space which is my centre
When you say I am you and you are me
It is a wonder for all of humanity
I pray for many who are searching
For this that is within that they are missing
For it is when the mind is blank
They will see the Light within
This Light we call Spirit within

For those who are alone and in fear
I pray that they find the spirit within
And may Life's Experiences be a lesson
The Gift within is God's creativity
We ask that, that we have forgotten we will remember
We are the Creators of our lives
And with your blessings and a helping hand
There is no limit to our creations

I thank you God