Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Prayer

As the Universe of Light speaks to me
I will lead and be led by You my Creator
It is a wondrous journey that I walk
For the messages I bring is your talk
I am in awe when you speak
For all you say is what I seek

My mind is blank when you enter
Into this space which is my centre
When you say I am you and you are me
It is a wonder for all of humanity
I pray for many who are searching
For this that is within that they are missing
For it is when the mind is blank
They will see the Light within
This Light we call Spirit within

For those who are alone and in fear
I pray that they find the spirit within
And may Life's Experiences be a lesson
The Gift within is God's creativity
We ask that, that we have forgotten we will remember
We are the Creators of our lives
And with your blessings and a helping hand
There is no limit to our creations

I thank you God

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